Content + Publishing Strategies

'Build it and they will come' is a theory of the past. Both the creation of content and the distribution of it must be informed by consumer behaviour - combined with a creative flair that means 'content' isn't just another buzzword, but a truly valuable communications tool.

We consider content and publishing strategy through three key lenses.

First we have the content itself, where we assess the right format and its author (be it a publisher, influencer, or whoever is most relevant to the intended audience). Content can be anything you want it to be; from social, to editorial, video or event. It's the vehicle to tell a story. Then we consider channel, working with best in class tools like Global Web Index to assess behaviours, influences and passions, and finally map look & feel with our in-house branded content team Bisqit to ensure that creative direction is consistent across all channels.

When it comes to publishing, by again using a data-led approach, we’re able to use our relationships with artists, influencers, media and more to produce world-leading content, which is then published in the right places to make sure the intended audience get to see it.

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