Global Center of Creative Strategy

The Center of Creative Strategy is a global initiative to embrace change and explore and equip our network for the challenges we and our clients face now and in the future.

The communications landscape has changed. We believe change is good. Change creates new challenges and new opportunities to explore. Change gives us the chance to reinvent, to rediscover and to reimagine the future of our agency and the work we produce for our clients.

Housed in London, our Center of Creative Strategy embraces this change and is driven by our purpose to inspire creative and curious conversations that help brands and the public communicate to build better outcomes for everyone.

We have developed common H+K ideology and are proactively disrupting our business and culture to kick-start our own ‘Creative Movement.’ Through orgainized actions our creative movement empowers H+K activists to continually develop the culture of the agency to reflect the changing values of the world around us. We remain in constant change.

To embrace this change we have identified and celebrate characteristics within our culture. The characteristics of the

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