Insights + Ideas

At H+K all of our ideas are built out of insights and truths. Our insights are based on our deep sector knowledge and understanding of our client’s brand and truths based our human and cultural knowledge.

For too long insights has been based in instinct and experience. We do not believe this is good enough and we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our insights and truths are data driven.

At H+K our consumer insights team help us build our insights out of data. Rich data drawn from multiple sources, industry leading partners and the wider WPP network. Whether it is at the beginning of a project or as part of its iterative development, our data scientists continually analyse data to ensure we optimize our campaigns, content and conversations.


We have been working with LS:N Global/Future Labs for a number of years to help us understand cultural and human trends. As well as using their global database to help inform our thinking for clients, we have created the ‘Idea Catcher’ sessions. These sessions are open to our clients and allow us to consider and discuss cultural trends and how they impact future communication strategies for our clients.


We believe that insights and truths are so important to creating the most effective ideas for our clients that we identify it as part of our H+K culture. We celebrate our ‘idea catchers’ and ‘culture creators’ throughout our agency.

We believe that the most creative and effective ideas are only formed though the lens of the best insights and truths. It is this that makes them relevant and resonant in today’s world.

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