Candace Kuss / Director of Social Media

Director of Social Media

My job at Hill+Knowlton Strategies has the joy and fascination of being different every day. As one of the the spearheads for digital here in London, I consult with our clients across all industry sectors. As the H+K Director of Social, I’m also the advance scout helping H+K Strategies' teams integrate the right digital elements and social platforms into our work.

As a blogger and enthusiastic early adopter, I have been advising clients on interactive strategy since 1995 when I worked on my first online ad campaign for AT&T. My experience building inaugural websites for world-class brands like Kraft and Kodak back in the 1990’s reminds me of the situation today. Major corporations are learning how to connect directly with their publics through the smart use of social media and digital PR. It is an adventure we are on together.

I started my career as an art director and still retain a bias toward the visual and visceral. I think we will see things like visual search and other non text based ways to interact with technology really take off in the months ahead. So much of communication is non-verbal. Our insights into user behavior can help brands take advantage of this.




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