Publishing + Measurement

If you're going to act like a publisher, you have to be structured accordingly. To deliver a true 24/7 approach for our clients, we structure ourselves like a newsroom. 

What that means is that we build a bespoke team for each client need, based on outputs and specialisms rather than agency titles. From data to media relations, influencer experts and more, this construct allows us to be agile but focused, driving an always on agenda that bridges all channels.

Through this setup, we're also able to plan like a newsroom would; using an iterative approach to the creation of content and measurement of it.

This means that we edit and refine work based on its performance in real time, rather than waiting until the end of a campaign to look back and assess. Our data experts apply cross-sector learnings and best practice, using multiple sources to inform their recommendations for measurement across both digital and traditional spaces.

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