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EastWest is a consultancy that supports Chinese businesses’ global expansion activities. The new speciality offer will assist clients develop impactful content and publishing strategies, informed by a rigorous approach to data and analytics.

Services include market entry strategy, audience mapping and engagement, campaign development, messaging and storytelling, brand marketing and design, digital communications, government relations, media relations, channel strategy, reputation management, measurement and analysis and senior counsel.

H+K EastWest consists of senior practitioners in China, Europe and the Americas and has hubs in Beijing, London, Washington and Ottawa. Our integrated team is composed of Mandarin speaking consultants in London and professionals with strong experience of communications in western markets based in China. H+K EastWest combines a strong legacy of working with Chinese brands, deep sector knowledge, and H+K’s unique purpose-driven communications model to help Chinese firms get to grips with the new communications landscape.


为帮助中国企业的全球业务拓展,伟达公共关系顾问有限公司开启了一个全新的咨询服务:“伟达东西方惠通”。通过严谨细致的数据收集和资料分析,该服务将会帮助客户制定出有影响力的战略内容和发布策略。 其具体服务内容包括市场进入战略、受众分析与互动、活动战略规划、主旨信息制定和故事讲述、品牌营销与设计、数字传播、政府关系、媒体关系、渠道战略、声誉管理、评估分析以及高级顾问咨询。

 “伟达东西方惠通”服务以北京和伦敦为枢纽,汇聚了来自中国和欧洲的资深从业者。 我们的队伍整合了优质资源,既包括在伦敦具备流利普通话能力的咨询顾问,也囊括了中国对西方市场沟通方面有着丰富经验的专家。凭借着与中国品牌深厚的合作渊源,对行业的深入了解以及伟达公关独特的目标导向传播模型,“伟达东西方惠通”服务将帮助中国企业应对全新的传播大环境。

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