People + Purpose

We believe that brands with a purpose that customers understand and trust are more valuable.

These brands have employees that live and breathe their purpose through every touchpoint with customers or clients. Their strong employer brand attracts talented people with their own sense of purpose, who actively contribute to their culture, which in turn guides their strategy and decision-making. They contain networks of advocates who take every opportunity to innovate, share and interact both internally and externally. The most successful businesses trust that their people want to do the right things, and know the right things to do. And they give them space to make things happen.

The People + Purpose team help our clients to join up the dots between brand and internal culture, so that their businesses grow from the inside out. Whether it’s prompted by structural change, growth or acquisition, or simply by low engagement scores, we find solutions that connect people with purpose.

Successful brands have purpose

  • We help you to define and communicate your purpose to your people

Networks create value and drive innovation

  • We find, create and develop networks of advocates and measure their impact

Belief builds brand

  • We create campaigns to ignite your brand internally, and employer brands to bring in the people you need

Culture drives strategy and execution

  • We shape culture and deliver change with real time content, targeted through our publishing model and guided by a clear strategy
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