Future Briefings

We host quarterly Futures Briefings to dissect the macro trends that are affecting human behavior and hence pose significant consideration for how we communicate and connect with audiences.

Presented with The Future Laboratory, the briefings curate inspiration from the world around us and provide first class insight that we can apply to our creative planning process.

Brilliant ideas rely on first class insight. We layer product, category, human and cultural insights over the company’s purpose to create a meaningful cause - or creative platform - that our audience can connect with and get behind.

Our ongoing partnership with The Future Laboratory helps fuel these insights, ensuring that we are tuned into the world around us, where it is going and how human behavior is consequently changing. It ensures that our ideas are relevant yet future proofed.

The seasonal H+K Futures Briefings dissect two macro trends, exploring their drivers and impact, and importantly how we can apply this understanding to our work and clients. In past sessions we’ve discussed The Sharded Self, The Flat Age Society, The Immortal Brand and The Optimised Self; all of which have challenged our thinking and brought fresh ideas to our teams. 


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