Master Storytellers

Core to what we do is to help brand and the public communicate. The public is no longer one audience, the mass. It is now the mass of the individuals, multiple audiences in multiple locations. This changes the nature of traditional storytelling, we need to become masters of a new craft of storytelling.

Our core craft will always be storytelling. We must be masters of our craft, and constantly innovate in the way we tell our stories and the way we publish our stories to the world. We need to explore new ways and tools to understanding our audience and learn how to entertain and deliver stories that go beyond the rational engage on an emotional level.

  • Always-on.
  • Learn to map your audiences.
  • Build media + publishing newsrooms.
  • Track and iterate.

We need to understand all the tools at our disposal; how to analyse and use data, when to buy media, when to react, when to remain silent, where to look for help and how to attract and engage our audience.

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