Window / Celebrating the personal brand

At H+K we are lucky enough to have some of the most intelligent and creative people in our industry. ‘Window’ is a program to explore the hidden side of our people, beyond their work for the agency. It is part of our Culture Creators initiative.

Our aim is to enable our people to be the best, most creative versions of themselves both inside and outside work by giving them the tools, space and help to follow their creative passions and to develop their personal brand. They could become leading influencers in their field, renowned within their chosen discipline and simply fulfill a creative dream.

To do this we have created ‘Window’ and each month we celebrate a person within the agency for the things they do beyond the four walls of the office. As a glimpse into this world you will see on our business cards we have two words that give a small insight into that hidden world.

As part of our H+K culture we identify and celebrate our culture creators and their personal brand. We celebrate the individual, diversity and their passions and believe that it is that culture that enriches the work we do for our clients. We call it being a Culture Creator.

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