Young Women in Comms; Do We Really Know What They Want?

H+K's Vikki Chowney hosts panel at Social Media Week

Following a trip to SXSW in March 2015, H+K’s Vikki Chowney was notably impressed with the increase of female attendees and speakers. However, there was very much a ‘top down’ approach – and while this does a fantastic job of getting people to talk about the issue of gender balance, there was a bit of disconnect in hearing from young women and their real experiences.

Join Vikki and four young women from varying marketing and comms backgrounds, recruited via an open call back in July. Are the challenges we think they face the ones they really worry about? What do they really need our help with? Are the things they enjoy most the things employers give them the opportunity to do? And how can brands and agencies retain and evolve young female talent?


  • Laurie Close, Innovation Manager at Ogilvy & Mather
  • Patricia Erdei, IT Analyst at Cisco
  • Lisa Flechsig, Junior Strategist at Joule
  • Nafisa Nathani, Account Manager at Cohn & Wolfe



Wednesday 16th September 2015

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